Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Director's gifts; 31

Have you ever heard of "31 gifts"? Its a company that sells purses and all types of bags and lots of really cute other things.  They have great choices of fabrics and colors and their stuff holds up really well.  The company is named for the passage in Proverbs 31 that speaks of the godly woman. Love that passage.  Anyway, the company has been very successful and one of their directors (don't know the exact title position, but she has at least 6 directors under her leadership) asked me to paint a canvas with each of her directors' team logos.  I did not necessarily design the logo, just sorta embellished them...some more than others.  It was a fun project that I did in 5 days!  What's your favorite?  I like Delightful Hearts, but probably more because of the scripture than the art.  

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