Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A few more

This first one is one of my favorites, but its over 10 years old. It lives with my parents in Mississippi and its called "The Grass is Greener". My nephew thinks its him (when he was younger), but its not...he could be any little boy. This was done a while ago too. I did this in college (maybe grad school) as a figure study. It was done on the spot, no pictures to study, just two very good little boys who were as still as they could be for two hours (bless their hearts) Not my typical style; we were studying a particular artist (can't remember who) and trying to use elements of their style.

Same two little boys...but a different style. Here I used the high contrast style where all the highlights are white (the white of the paper). I do love contrast and how the shadows define the shapes.
This was done a few years ago. i found some old photos of my husband (the little boy) and his mommy. The photo was in bad shape, but I loved it so I did this for her as a gift.

Older portraits

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