Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just a few more fun canvases

Great verse! We should all wake up and say this every day. I painted this for someone else, but think I need to paint one for myself, backwards, so I can put it in my bathroom and see it in the mirror every morning.  Oh how I forget that each day is HIS...not mine. The rest of that verse says, "Let us REJOICE and be glad in it."

This canvas is for my teacher/sister, Kelly.  Her theme for her classroom is outer space, so I came up with a design that sorta looked out of this world ish and gave it to her. I can't believe after about 15 years of teaching I had never given her her own name sign (maybe 16...its a lot anyway). Sorry, Kelly. Better late than never.

Love this little 12 x 16 I did for my "little sister".  Well, she's not really my little sister, but she is like family. Our families have been friends for like 4 decades or so (no, I think longer...I mean, I AM NOT THAT OLD, but our parents knew eachother before we were born). Love this girl, and she just had her first baby girl. Can't believe it.

8 x 24 made to be hung above a door.  I do so love this verse as well...Wow, I could read that over and over and I probably need to.

My friend asked me to do this for her son who was going away to college.  She always says "No worries" to him, so this was like a piece of her she was sending with him.  She's such a good mom and this was her first to "send off".  She has 5 more to go. Good thing, though, her youngest is just starting kindergarten this year, so at least she has a few more years ...though they're going really fast : (

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