Saturday, October 1, 2011

long and narrow

I love this size canvas.  Its 8 x 24 and it is fun to do vertical like this or horizontal like the ones below.  Really great if you have a wall that is not very wide, but needs something.  I enjoyed doing this one for my neighbor's little boy's room.  Can you guess the theme of his room??? Not subtle, I guess, but it was fun.  Kids' rooms are great. I guess I should get busy and try to do something for my own kids' rooms.  Funny thing though, they'd rather do their own art, which is fabulous, by the way : )

Song of Solomon 7:10
I am my beloved's and His desire is for me.
Isabelle's teacher from last year is getting married and asked me to do this for her bedroom. Its a beautiful verse and reminds me that just as a husband is for one wife and one wife for her husband, we (the church) are the bride of Christ. 
 I did two of these actually because I was matching her bedding and couldn't decide, so I did two and let her decide.  These are actually 12 x 36.

Psalm 139: 14a
"I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
This 8 x 24 was done for a baby girl's nursery.  Please don't judge my poor photography skills. Sometimes its late and I just wanna not forget to get the picture done.  I take better pictures with my iphone, but had my regular camera with me this day.  Anyway, back to the painting...I love grey and yellow.  This is my first grey and yellow nursery canvas.  What a great color scheme.  I want to see this nursery all together and probably never will, because I don't know the people (a friend ordered this for her friend).  Oh well, maybe she'll read this and send me a picture : )

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