Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring wreaths

Ok, so I stepped away from my paintbrush for a little craft time.  I made one of these "initial" wreaths for myself using some extra ribbon I had a while ago and then my mom (and one of my best customers : ) asked me to do a bunch for her best friends.  The first friend didn't want an initial on hers, but after I did it, I attached her initial (that was easily removable) so she could see how it looks.  Don't they look better with the initial?  I thought so.  But, I just tied the letter (from Hobbly Lobby) on with ribbon and it stays really well, without having to hot glue them.  That way, they can be removed or changed if necessary.  My favorite of these four is the "G".  I love the red.  At first, I didn't think those colors were very springy (they all chose their own colors), but it really works and the contrast is awesome.  Wreathmaking is fun, but not cheap. I really understand now why they cost so much in the stores.

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